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Our Specialist Veterinary Cardiology Services

What to expect when you bring your pet to Cedar Referrals for a specialist Cardiology Referral

Your Cardiologist:

Dr Luca Ferasin or Dr Heidi Ferasin will see you in a consultation room to review the history of your pet. A thorough physical examination of your pet will follow, with a particular emphasis on the examination of the heart. Based on the history and physical findings, further tests may be required to identify the origin and severity of your pet’s heart problem. These tests may include blood pressure measurement (BP), Electrocardiography (ECG), Heart scan (Echocardiography) and chest X-rays.

BP measurement:

BP measurement is performed by attaching an inflatable cuff around the leg or tail of your pet. The cuff is connected to a computer that analyses the arterial pressure variations.


ECG is a test that evaluates the electrical activity of the heart. ECG recording is carried out with electrical leads attached to your pet’s fur via small and comfortable “crocodile clips”. If the fur is too short, the leads can also be connected with soft self-adhesive pads.


Echocardiography is an ultrasound scan that allows the assessment of your pet’s heart structure and function. A small area over of the chest may have to be clipped free from fur in order to provide better contact with the skin, allowing a clearer image of the heart. In rare cases, when the patient is uncooperative, sedation may be required to perform the test. Please discuss any objection to coat clipping or sedation with our cardiologists or their nurses at the time of consultation.

Chest X-rays:

Chest X-rays allow the visualisation of the chest organs, in particular heart and lungs. It is the gold standard test to evaluate the presence of congestive heart failure and respiratory disease.

Prices & Times:

Puppy or kitten murmur investigation
45 minutes Echo & ECG £199 incl VAT

Heart murmur investigation
45 minutes Echo & ECG £577.50 incl VAT

Arrhythmia investigation
45 minutes Echo & 6-lead ECG & Holter £1,000 - £1,600 incl VAT

Pedigree heart screening
45 minutes Auscultation & echo & ECG & certification £325 incl VAT

Full Cardiac consult and diagnostics
90 minutes Consultation, echo, ECG, BP, X-Rays and lab test £1,400 - £2,000 incl VAT

NB: Please note that fees do not include dispensed drugs or sedation (when needed)

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to enable us to complete the required paperwork. If you have a dog, please feel free to take them for a short walk in the designated areas on site before the appointment.

Changing your appointment:

If you need to change your appointment for any reason, please call us at 01962 732535 and we will try to arrange a more convenient time.